Stop wasting money on your fleet's operational costs.

With spiralling costs we understand every fleet manager and engineer is looking for new ways to reduce operational expenditure.

Flat or dead batteries are one of the most common problems, and unnecessary costs, suffered by fleet operators of all types and sizes.

The cost of having to jump or boost start a vehicle is only the tip of the iceberg. Vehicle downtime, damage to batteries, call outs, late deliveries, and late service calls are just some of the additional costs and inconveniences associated with flat or dead batteries.

This website is designed to help demonstrate how Battery Guard 3000+ from Intellitec can help reduce fleet expenditure by eliminating some of the costs and inconvenience caused by flat or dead batteries.

Our unique cost calculator will also demonstrate guaranteed return on investment (ROI) based entirely on the data you input about your fleet.

Once you have inputted the data requested in the cost calculator, press the calculate savings button, and see how much money you will save by fitting Battery Guard 3000+.

Join 2 million customers worldwide by reducing fleet operational costs with
Battery Guard 3000+.